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1-3 Nov 2018

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Alchemy Bicycle Co.


Alchemy Bicycle Co. is a multi-award-winning frame builder hailing from Denver, Colorado. The brand – founded in 2008 – works with carbon as well as stainless steel and titanium and has built an enviable reputation as a crafter of truly fine road bicycles, which are all made by hand at Alchemy HQ.

Unhampered by the techniques commonly used to mass-produce bikes, Alchemy has developed its own Techne-Craft construction process. This involves expertly mitring tubes and lightly glueing them together before wrapping the junctions to perfect the desired ride quality and stiffness. This not only virtually eliminates the use of joint filling compound, which can lead to a lumpen, dead-feeling bike, but it also reduces weight and results in an exceptional ride as well as a gorgeous and unique finish to the naked carbon frame.

From the award-winning Atlas, which is available in a variety of stock sizes, to the glorious fully custom Helios, each Alchemy bike is a stunning example of craftsmanship that lives up to the company’s name.

Don’t miss at the History of Elite Performance by Saddleback exhibition: the NAHBS-winning Atlas

Founded: 2008 Origin: Denver, Colorado

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Victoria House address:
1 Vernon Place, London WC1

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