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1-3 Nov 2018

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Factor riders

Factor Bikes was conceived from a commitment to innovation, speed and performance. In 2007 Factor Bikes was born in an unassuming industrial unit in Norfolk, England. Originally an offshoot of bf1systems, a leading engineering firm dedicated to working at the highest levels of design with some of the fastest, most prestigious brands in the world. In 2009, Factor Bikes saw it’s first foray into the cycling world with the FACTOR001 and in 2013, we unveiled our first production bike, the innovatively aerodynamic Vis Vires that utterly eschewed the UCI rulebook.

From there the engineering team began developing the next generation of frames: the ONE, ONE-S and the O2.

For these models Factor Bikes was looking for a more critical, race-proven eye and along came Tour de France green jersey winner, Baden Cooke who’s fate was sealed with one ride on the Vis Vires. Along with Rob Gitelis, Baden purchased Factor Bikes from bf1systems. The new generation of Factor Bikes continues to build on this innovation heritage with no compromise to the luxury performance using only the very highest quality materials, fit and finishing. With decades of cutting edge engineering and manufacturing expertise, we wont compromise anywhere in our pursuit of aerodynamic and aesthetic perfection and unrivalled, innovation performance.

Ambassadors/ Endorsements

David Millar - Tour de France stage winner and yellow jersey wearer
One Pro Cycling - Britain’s first UCI Pro-Continental Team
Jake Birtwhistle - Australian Olympic distance triathlete and current U23 Triathlon World Champion

Notable Race wins and achievements

One Pro Cycling 2016 Results
Dion Smith – 1st Beaumont Trophy UCI 1.2
Chris Opie – 1st stage two Tour of Korea UCI 2.1
Karol Domagalski – 1st stage three Tour of Korea UCI 2.1
Karol Domagalski – 1st stage five Tour of Korea UCI 2.1
Kristian House – 1st stage seven Tour of Korea UCI 2.1
Steele Von Hoff – 1st stage one Tour of Norway UCI 2.HC
Martin Mortensen – 1st Tro-Bro Leon UCI 1.1

Founded: 2007 Origin: United Kingdom

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Victoria House address:
1 Vernon Place, London WC1

Nearest tube stop:
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