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2 - 4 November 2017, London
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Froome Yellow Jersey

Giovanni Pinarello, or “Nani” as his friends called him, was born in Catena di Villorba on the 10th July 1922, he was the 8th of 12 children. His love for two wheels and an innate gift as an indomitable fighter led him to pursue a career in cycling.

From 1946 Giovanni made his mark in the world of cycling, but it was in 1951 that Nani had his personal date with destiny: racing in the 34th Giro d’Italia, which was won by Rosa Fiorenzo Magni. In last place comes Giovanni, but in those years last place was not a disgrace, instead, the rider wore the Maglia Nera (Black Jersey). That jersey went on to tag Giovanni forever “the one with the Maglia Nera”. Gino Bartalia, a very good friend of Nani’s noted a dedication, “The Black Jersey of Cycling…but the Pink Jersey of Life.” 

That was to be Giovanni’s last season as a pro, and in 1953 in Treviso Cicli Pinarello is born.

1961: Pinarello sponsor their first ride and take a first victory at the Tour de l’Avenir, thanks to Guido de Rosso. The Pinarello brand begins to carve out it’s own space ahead of the bigger names of it’s time…small sponsorship, small goals, and slowly but surely the plant grew.

1975: Pinarello enjoys it’s first Giro d’Italia victory, opening a decade of great satisfaction! Cicli Pinarello begins to enjoy widespread popularity and the 80’s become a period of many victories for the small factory in Treviso.

1988: Giovanni introduces his young son, Fausto, to the business and alongside came the first Tour de France victory with Pedro Delgado. Pinarello, thus, begins to change and the 90’s open the door to a decade which will mark the fate of the Treviso born brand…

In the years to follow Pinarello began to launch successful models every two years, this marking a decisive growth in the Treviso bike manufacturer’s status in the sector.

2009: Fausto joins forces with a small operation, a new born…Team Sky, who have dominated the cycling world since then, winning the Tour de France three times, making it eleven in total.

Notable Race Wins: Tour de France eleven times, 1994 hour record, 2015 hour record +++ more.

Endorsements/ Ambassadors: Team SKY, Team Wiggins, Triton Giordana

Founded: 1983

Origin: Treviso, Italy



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