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David Millar Portrait to be auctioned

Thirsk artist Robin Puplett’s painting of David Millar is set to be auctioned off for our Official Charity Partner Action Medical Research at the Rouleur Classic on Thursday 19th November 2015.

Published: 16.11.2015

Robin, a keen cycling fan, has spent the past month creating the artwork after flying to Spain to meet ten-time Grand Tour stage winner David Millar in early October.

The father-of-two said he had been keen that the painting would be a collaboration with the cyclist who retired last year.

Robin said: “He did not disappoint with some great ideas and the perfect setting in which to create the scene – his personal study where he wrote his books.”

“We both shared the idea of creating a portrait that focused on David Millar the person rather than the cyclist, although of course cycling is going to hold a very strong theme within the painting.”

“We are also including a plethora of hidden and overt references, clues and symbols that all represent his life, passions, experiences and career.”

“Some should be obvious, others less so, and some will only mean something to Millar himself, which I love as it makes the painting a truly unique and personal representation of him.”

The painting will be auctioned by TV presenter Ned Boulting at the opening night of the inaugural Rouleur Classic exhibition in the Rouleur Classic Theatre during David Millar’s session.

You can read more on the process involved in creating the painting in the three blog posts below:

Part 1: Behind the Scenes Part 2: Building up a picture of Millar Part 3: The Finishing Touch

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