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1-3 Nov 2018

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Introducing the Rouleur Classic pass

Rouleur Classic will utilise state of the art RFID technology to enhance your event experience

Published: 22.06.2015

All visitors to Rouleur Classic will receive their own unique Classic Pass.

The Classic Pass will enable visitors to take advantage of all the benefits of being a Rouleur Classic visitor, including provision of access to the event, complimentary food & drinks (if attending an evening session) plus any other benefits the ticket package offers.

The pass will also allow you to engage with all of the brands present at the event, and to interact with other content within the Show. We've removed the need for pens and paper, and instead the pass will allow you to exchange all details and information.

Working with our experienced partners Glownet to utilise this techonology, we'll be asking all ticket purchasers and their guests to register further details at the beginning of October.

More information will be available shortly.


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